Lattice: trellis graphics for R

The lattice add-on package is an implementation of Trellis graphics for R. It is a powerful and elegant high-level data visualization system with an emphasis on multivariate data. It is designed to meet most typical graphics needs with minimal tuning, but can also be easily extended to handle most nonstandard requirements.

Trellis Graphics, originally developed for S and S-PLUS at the Bell Labs, is a framework for data visualization developed by R. A. Becker, W. S. Cleveland, et al, extending ideas presented in Cleveland’s 1993 book Visualizing Data. The Lattice API is based on the original design in S, but extends it in many ways.


The lattice package is usually installed along with R. You can start using it after loading it by typing

> library(package = "lattice")

in your R session.

The latest released version of lattice, which may be more recent than the version that came with R, is available from CRAN. The latest development snapshot is available at GitHub


If you find lattice useful, you may also be interested in the latticeExtra package, which supplements and extends the capabilties of lattice.